Full Service Survey Programming

A boutique approach to your research needs.

Market Points has been delivering highly customizable online survey programming and data collection solutions since 2001. We are a small team with decades of experience, where you always know who you are working with and what to expect.

If you are not sure about what you need or what we can deliver, just ask. We take great pride in our client relationships and strive to make the data collection process as easy as possible so you can focus on the results.

About Market Points

Market Points was established in 2001 by the current president, Jessica Ensor. Her goal was to use her skills and create a different kind of research company.

  • Offer clients personalized service and a quick response.
  • Connect companies with their target audience.
  • Provide easy to use survey and client interfaces.
  • Empower people to voice their opinions.
  • Help clients answer their research questions quickly and accurately.
  • Maintain a flexible attitude, thinking outside the box to achieve goals.
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Our Services

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Survey Programming

Our in-house survey software provides a robust set of options for fielding online surveys quickly and accurately. We do the programming and hosting, collect the data, and return your results. 

Surveys can be formatted to match company colors and display logos and images. 

Our survey software supports most languages, including double-byte languages such as Japanese.

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Whether you have your own client list or need to procure a sample source, we can help.

If you have your own list of emails for recruiting respondents, we can send invitations and reminders as needed.

If you don't already have a client list, we have great relationships with sample providers that can find most target audiences.

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Custom Solutions

If your research needs a survey feature that you haven't been able to find, just ask! We can customize our survey software on a per-project basis.

Client specific reporting portals and site intercepts and tracking are some of the  projects we've helped clients with. We are happy to discuss programming  customized solutions that may take more effort than just survey programming.

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Custom Quotes

Our surveys are fully customizable research instruments.  Each project is priced based on the specs provided. Most surveys can have thousands of respondents with no upcharge.

We can also provide quotes for email recruitment campaigns and video hosting.

Through our research partners, we can also help you with full-service market research, data tabulation, and sample procurement.

Projects start at $1000

Industry Experience

A sampling of the fields we work with

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We work with major television networks to collect feedback on new and ongoing shows and provide results with custom programmed reporting tools.

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We help some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies assess their effectiveness in client relationships through multi-wave assessments.

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We conduct numerous research projects requiring large recruitment efforts to test new logo designs, room features, and amenity offerings.

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M-F 9am to 5pm EST
Surveys monitored 24/7


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