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Technical Info

The Market Points network has been built to provide reliable and secure surveys and data.


We use full featured survey authoring tools, augmented with custom programming using the most current Internet technologies. Our custom tools give us great flexibility in what we can do for you. If you are looking for a particular feature and don't see it, just ask.


Market Points has multiple production Web servers. All surveys run over multiple servers that can handle heavy traffic. Survey results are stored in a fully relational database that provides us with scalability and data mining capabilities. Real-time reporting is available to clients via a secured extranet.


Our local connection to the Internet is via multiple T3's to redundant backbones, with ample bandwidth dedicated to the Market Points server system.


We protect our data infrastructure with advanced firewall technology and secure, encrypted communications. The surveys are hosted on servers housed in a secure, high-bandwidth co-location facility. Surveys are monitored 24x7 with staff available to handle emergencies and perform maintenance.


Our internet connectivity has proven uptime statistics of 99.9% or better since Market Points began. We've developed a high availability fail-over cluster to provide application and physical fault-tolerance that virtually eliminates downtime in the event of a server or application failure. This also allows us to schedule maintenance on our production servers without disrupting surveys in process.