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How does it all work?

What is the process that occurs to create a survey? Interested in seeing a customized online demo?

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How it all works

Programming and hosting a survey with Market Points is easy.  Most projects adhere to the following workflow:

  1. Give us some information about your project.  Email your requirements to
  2. A Market Points representative will contact you promptly and give you a quote.  Quotes are hassle-free and there is never a charge.
  3. Once the bid is accepted, send us your questionnaire and any other supporting materials.
  4. Market Points programs your survey in the agreed timeline and provides you with a test link.
  5. You approve the survey and verify the survey is ready to launch.
  6. The recruitment is started and your results start rolling in.
  7. You can monitor the project status with our Real-time Reporting System.
  8. The survey concludes and we send you your data files.

Some projects are considerably more complex than this, depending on our clients’ needs, but this should give you an idea about our basic process.