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There are many benefits to letting Market Points program and host your survey. We will provide an online survey that is easy to look at, designed to give you the answers you need and make it easy to access your results.

Visually pleasing and easy to navigate:

Based on our experience, it is best to devote one survey question per page in most cases. This is done so as not to overwhelm and frustrate the respondent, crowd the page or force the customer to scroll in order to view all of the responses. Each question is laid out so that it can be easily read and understood. In addition, any mistakes made while answering a question, such as choosing inconsistent answers or forgetting to answer a question, are gently and clearly displayed with a custom error message at the bottom of the page. Finally, a survey status bar is provided at the bottom of the page to inform the respondent how far s/he has to go before finishing the survey. All of these features allow your customers to have a pleasant experience while providing you the information you need.

Formats that lead to the answers you need:

Market Points surveys contain a variety of question formats, including single and multiple-select lists, drop down menus, grids and open-ended fields. In list and grid questions, responses can be randomized to prevent customer bias created by simply choosing the first or last option. In addition, follow-up questions directly related to the respondent’s last answer can be built to obtain more specific information. Finally, our surveys use logic branching to skip questions that do not apply to the respondent based on their answers to previous questions.

Different ways to broadcast your survey:

It is crucial to let your customers know that their opinions count and can be recorded. We can mail and email survey invitations, have pop up windows on your website before and/or after a site visit, or provide a survey link you can place on your site. If you would prefer to contact your customers yourself, we will simply provide you with the survey link. We can also help you secure outside sample if you do not have a contact list for interviews. We are committed to realizing your vision for direct communication to and from your customers.

Your data is just a few clicks away:

With Real-time Reporting you can access the data associated with your survey by logging into our web page. Once there you can see how many people have answered your survey and what their opinions are. Having access to your data this quickly allows you to identify and fix any problems early in the process.

Your data is safe and secure on our network and with our staff. We do not collect data for our own marketing purposes, nor do we sell any client data.