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About Us

Market Points was established in 2001 by the current president, Jessica Ensor. Her goal was to use her skills and create a different kind of research company. This vision:

  • Offer clients personalized service and a quick response.
  • Connect companies with their target audience.
  • Offer easy to use survey and client interfaces.
  • Empower people to voice their opinions.
  • Help her clients answer their research questions quickly and accurately.
  • Maintain a flexible attitude, thinking outside the box to achieve goals.

Over the years she has built a company that has been true to her vision and goals. Today Market Points is a fast growing company working to build a stronger business in order to provide the services that dynamic companies and organizations need.

We realize our clients could go to any number of other research vendors and get similar services at similar prices. They stay with us because they love working with us. We are a small company, not some faceless corporation where you never know who you will be working with from day to day. We are also very flexible in the way we conduct business. Some clients need formal documentation for everything while others prefer to exchange emails and a couple of phone calls to work out the details. We can do what works for you.